Engineered to cook, bake, boil, braise, clean and ventilate.


Manufactured by Glem Gas SpA, a family owned business based in the city of Modena, Emilia appliances are created on a foundation of more than 50 years’ cooking expertise. The Australian company, Glem Gas Australasia Pty Ltd, is 100 per cent owned by the Italian factory which provides the benefit of full factory support and after sales service.

Originating in the city that is the birthplace of Luciano Pavarotti and home to Ferrari and Balsamic vinegar, the extensive Emilia product range has been selected to provide exceptional performance and value.

Emilia offers Australian kitchens reliable, efficient, and technically advanced Italian designed cooking appliances, that make preparing meals an everyday delight.

Emilia Appliances Showrooms


48 Percy Street, Auburn, NSW 2144. Open Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm. Tel 1 300 307 917


661 Nepean Highway BRIGHTON VIC 3186. Phone 1300 307 917 for appointment

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Which is better - Gas or Electric?

Most of us don’t buy cooking appliances very often. They are an important part of our homes and our kitchens. Buying the right appliance will provide years of pleasure and in some cases enhance the value of the home.

There are a number of decisions that we have to make including the choice of energy: gas or electricity, and whether to have a built in oven or free standing cooker. We are most likely to be influenced by our previous experience but maybe it is worth considering the alternatives

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Rangehood Collection

Making the right choice.

Choosing the best rangehood can have the biggest impact on the ambiance and environment of your kitchen. Rangehoods can be noisy or ineffective. They can be dirty and difficult to clean. We have tried to answer all of these concerns with rangehoods that perform, have great lighting and minimal noise. Canopies, under cupboard models and slide out models.

HUSH OFF BOARD - The Emilia HUSH Off Board rangehoods are powerful and essentially silent. We use the ceiling space above the kitchen to locate the motor, taking the noise out of the kitchen.
800 Series - The 800 series are onboard models where the fan motor is part of the rangehood. The peak performance of 800 cubic metres  per hour extraction is outstanding. LED ligthing, baffle filters and 60cm and 90cm solutions.
Classic Series - Seeking a replacement rangehood? Standard sizes and ready to install.

Hush offboard low noise rangehoods

Hush rangehoods have the advantage of almost totally silent operation. The fan motor is “Off Board” which means that it is located in the ceiling cavity.

800 series onboard rangehoods

For homes without a ceiling space we recommend the Emilia 800 Series. The 800 Series has an On Board design where the fan motor is contained within the rangehood.

Classic series onboard rangehoods

The Classic Serices of rangehoods are the perfect replacement for outdated models. The sizes are typical of most existing rangehoods and are an easy way to update a kitchen.

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