Compact Cookers

The Emilia EM series of compact cookers is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to upgrade from a standard white cooker.

Emilia developed this cooker in Italy specifically for the replacement market in Australia. The 53cm width allows an Emilia EM cooker to fit into the space of a standard white cooker. No need to change cupboards or modify benches. It is the easy way to update your kitchen.

The Series 4 models have been upgraded to include flame failure safety devices on all burners.

There are 2 models available, an all GAS model EM543MVI4 with fan assisted gas oven and a Dual Fuel model EM534EI4 with a fan forced electric oven.

The ovens have a 67 litre capacity which is as big as some 60cm cookers. Closed door electric grilling is an added benefit, keeping cooking smells inside the oven and out of the kitchen. All Emilia cookers have electric grills which enables us to have the fan assisted grilling feature.

Top reasons to consider the Emilia Compact cookers:

SINGLE PIECE HOB AND SPLASHBACK – so much easier to clean
FLAME FAILURE SAFETY DEVICES ON ALL BURNERS – if the flame goes out the gas stops
TOP QUALITY ITALIAN BURNERS – the top model Sabaf burners as used by all top brands
HEAVY DUTY CAST IRON TRIVETS – look good and provide a secure stable cooking platform
CHROME SIDE RACKS IN THE OVEN – no sliding on the enamel surface causing excessive wear
FULL HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LEGS – more flexibility in the height setting

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